Jack’s Appeal was launched in 2003 to help raise money to buy a motorised buggy for our little boy Jack.

Born nine weeks premature, Jack suffered a brain haemorrhage which left him with quadriplegic cerebral palsy and hydrocephalus. We wanted to help him reach his full potential and have spent the last few years carrying out fundraising activities to provide him with specialist equipment. Funding from our local NHS Trust is limited so the Appeal enables us to provide the sort of equipment Jack needs to help keep his muscle tone in check.

As Jack has grown, he has needed several customised wheelchairs in order to keep his condition stable and we have had to fundraise in order to meet these costs.

Jack’s current power wheelchair cost £17,000

Thanks to local people, businesses, charities and family and friends, Jack continues to thrive – we’re grateful for all the amazing efforts people have been up to since 2003 and hope to be able to carry on keeping Jack more independent and mobile.